Bring Virtual Reality to your museum

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And generate more revenue.

Provide a unique experience to your visitors

Let them explore historical places as if they were there.


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What kind of experiences are available?

Let your visitors travel back in time, explore the International Space Station or learn about the human anatomy.


The Acropolis of Athens

Explore the Acropolis of Athens as it was in its brightest days.


International Space Station

Explore the interior of every modules of the ISS like an astronaut



Discover the prehistorical monument Stonehenge as it was thousands years ago


Human Anatomy

Learn about the complexity of the human anatomy in Virtual Reality

And much more...

Generate more revenue

Increase your revenue and museum attendance.

virtual reality in your musuem

Museum attendance

Exhibiting exciting VR educational experiences will keep your museum at the forefront of technology and your visitors will love it! Bring ancient worlds and far-off places back to life in vivid details to increase your museum attendance.

vr in my musuem

Increase your revenue

Some of our partners decide to make the VR experiences available for their visitors for an additional fee. By doing this, they can multiply their revenue.

Watch our video

Here is a video we created for our Acropolis VR experience

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