Qui sommes-nous ?

Unimersiv’s mission is to help students of all ages learn faster using virtual reality.

We believe that Virtual Reality can strongly improve the capacity of the human mind to remember the things it learned for a long time. According the Cone of Learning created by Edgard Dale, the American educatonist, after two weeks, the human brain tends to remember 10% of what it reads, 20% of what it hears but 90% of what it does or simulates.

We are using Virtual Reality to create great training & educational experiences

Imagine a world where students and professional could remember almost everything of what they learn… That’s what we are aiming at.

Here is a quick video of the Forklift VR Training system we created to help our partners reduce training costs and eliminate risks while learning to drive a Forklift:

Unimersiv’s VR app is available on the major VR headsets

Unimersiv’s VR app is the largest platform for VR educational content, it is available on the major VR headsets and is being updated frequently to include more VR educational content in our library.

Unimersiv’s VR app is available on the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift for now.

Corporate VR Training

While we started by focusing on individuals we are now spending more and more time working with companies to help them integrate VR in their training to help them reduce training costs and eliminate risks.

Industrial training in VR can help your organization achieve faster growth by arming employees with hands-on experience instead of just theory that needs to be refined with trial and error in the field.

The advantages of adopting commercial VR training are numerous. For starters, you can simulate real life situations that are just as good as the real thing, without risking training related injuries. After all, direct experience is still the best way to learn. Also, the quality of education that you can impart in VR far surpasses any current technology that we have.

Nos articles concernent l'utilisation de la réalité virtuelle pour des applications autres que les jeux.