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Who are we?

At Unimersiv, we believe that Virtual Reality should not only be used for gaming purposes but that it can have a greater impact in our lives.

Virtual Reality Education - Unimersiv

Unimersiv is the largest platform for VR educational experiences. By downloading our app, you will have access to multiple experiences that will let you learn about history, space or the human anatomy.

We want to make learning something new fun again so we built the first Virtual Reality learning platform to help students of all ages learn anything faster through virtual reality.

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What can I learn?

We publish new educational experiences every months on Unimersiv. Here what you can discover if you download Unimersiv right now.

Virtual Reality Education - Human Brain

A Journey into the Human Brain

Virtual Reality Education - International Space Station

Explore the International Space Station

Virtual Reality Education - Anatomy VR

Anatomy VR

Virtual Reality Education - Stonehenge VR

Learn about Stonehenge in Virtual Reality

Titanic - VR - Virtual Reality Education

Explore the Titanic like never before

Acropolis of Athens - VR - Virtual Reality Education

The Acropolis of Athens as it was thousands years ago

Ancient Rome - Virtual Reality - Education VR

Explore Ancient Rome in Virtual Reality

Create your own course

Share your knowledge with hundreds of thousands of users in our Virtual Classroom.

Virtual Reality Education - Create Course

Record your own course in a few minutes

Virtual Reality Education - Create Course

All you need is your voice and a PowerPoint

Virtual Reality Education - Create Course

Monetize your expertise


"Unimersiv and Cerevrum are examples of two such apps that offer an immense resource of educational VR content online."


"Unimersiv offers the largest resource of virtual reality educational content online. Students can enter immersive education classes about anything from physical education to business studies."


"Learning Just Became Fun Thanks To Unimersiv and Virtual Reality"


"Explore a library of VR educational experiences at Unimersiv."


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