We just released a major update for the Titanic VR experience

Unimersiv | June 1, 2018

Hello everyone,

We are excited to let you know that we just released a major update for the Titanic experience! Titanic has always been the most downloaded experience on the Unimersiv platform so we spent the past 4 months improving the experience and modeling some new rooms to let you explore and discover more of the Titanic in VR.

We created a quick video to show you some of the new rooms available in the Titanic VR update, here it is:

Here are some screenshots of this update:


The Café Parisien for 1st Class Passengers


3rd Class Dining Room


1st Class Turkish Baths


Second Class Cabin


1st Class Swimming Pool

You can access this Titanic VR experience right now by downloading the Unimersiv app!

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