Introducing our Forklift VR Training Software

Unimersiv | October 23, 2017

Learning how to operate a Forklift in real life can be risky and expensive. We use Virtual Reality to make it affordable and “risk-free”.


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We are using Virtual Reality devices such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive to immerse our clients into an immersive Forklift Training simulation. Using our software, our clients can operate and drive a Forklift to learn about:

  • Loading and unloading operations
  • Driving the Forklift
  • Safety and security rules

We made a quick video to help you understand how our Forklift Training Software works:

Using the Oculus Touch controllers users can move the different levers to operate the forks as they would do in real-life, they can also grab the Forklift’s steering wheel to drive the Forklift. We created multiple levels to simulate different operations and multiple difficulties.

We track the results of every training and send a complete summary to the manager (it includes the time, the different warnings and mistakes…). Our Forklift Training Software can be used to train employees or clients but also to test someone’s abilities during the recrutement process.

The advantages of using Virtual Reality in our Forklift Training Software

We are experts in creating professional VR training solutions to help our clients reduce training costs and eliminate risks. Using Virtual Reality headsets in our Forklift Training software made a lot of sense:

  • It can help our clients saves time and resources since they don’t have to use “real” Forklifts during the first practical trainings
  • It completely eliminates risks of injuries or accidents during the training
  • Safety and security measures are being learned in complete immersion and not on a simple 2D screen

There isn’t a single company on the planet that can survive without well trained employees. However, as much as everyone likes to boast of how effective their training programs are, the fact is that nothing can beat on the job experience.


Polishing someone’s skills on real life problems in day to day situations, despite all the technical innovation is ultimately what makes a professional valuable. And this one area where VR training truly shines out.

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