We develop corporate VR training content to boost your team’s performance

Use Virtual Reality to create better professional VR training solutions that will help your company save money, time and eliminate risks.

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Reduce training costs
Save time
Eliminate risks

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We create corporate VR training solutions

Professional VR training - Forklift

Forklift training

Train your employees to drive and control a forklift without any risks.

Professional VR training - Excavator

Excavator training

Learning to control an Excavator can be hard and expensive. We use VR to make it easy and inexpensive.

Professional VR training - Custom VR training

Custom solution

We also create custom VR training solutions. Contact us if you need something specific.

Benefits of professional training in Virtual Reality

Train your team faster
Save money by training in VR
Eliminate risks by training in a virtual environment

Why should we train our employees in VR?

Virtual Reality allows to replicate any possible real-life situation without the risks, damages or consequences possible in everyday life. Thus VR is the perfect medium for industrial training as it allows us to create immersive solutions that save you money and that benefits your employees.

How can Unimersiv help us?

We create global VR training solutions to help your company train your team faster. We can also create custom training solutions that will suit your needs. Contact us to learn more about it.

Hardware used for our VR training solutions

We are simply using the Oculus Rift and touch controllers with a powerful laptop to run our professional VR training solutions. It represents less than $2,000.

MSI LAPTOP with Nvidia GTX1060

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