Train your employes faster with Virtual Reality

We are using Virtual Reality to create better professional VR training solutions that will help you save money and time.

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The advantages of training your employees using VR or AR

Virtual Reality and Augmented (or Mixed) reality can be incredibly useful to help your employees / team learn a new job or some new skills faster. It blends together the best of the real world and best of the immersive 3d technology.

Unimersiv is recognized as one of the most innovative company in the VR Education sector. We started our journey by helping our users learn about history, science or anatomy using VR and recently moved toward corporate / employees training using VR and AR.

We work with our clients to deliver cutting edge and personnalized training sofwares that will help your team learn faster. Send us an email if you want to learn more about it!


"Unimersiv and Cerevrum are examples of two such apps that offer an immense resource of educational VR content online."


"Unimersiv offers the largest resource of virtual reality educational content online. Students can enter immersive education classes about anything from physical education to business studies."


"Learning Just Became Fun Thanks To Unimersiv and Virtual Reality"


"Apps such as Unimersiv can transport students to ancient Greece using Virtual Reality."


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