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Augmented Reality | November 1, 2015

I have always wanted to get a telescope and study the night sky. There are many barriers. Purchasing and lugging expensive gear to a perfect spot on a clear night, researching what to look for, orienting where I am… Like most people, I just do not have the time to do all this.

My idea for a HoloLens app is for star gazers and enthusiasts to be able to spot where the constellations and planets are in our night sky while looking at it. This app will be a shortcut to get your bearings and engage more with our universe.

Imagine being able to stare up at the night sky and being able to clearly see where all our constellations and planets are. In this app you will be able to point and select constellations to find out more information with easy to use drop down menus, diagrams and visuals.

The purpose of this app is for people without extensive experience using a telescope to be able to very quickly get a sense of where everything is in the night sky. I have always wanted to have a clear picture of where everything is, haven’t you?

Moreover, recent breaking discoveries in our universe could be mapped with this app. Track the latest discoveries from NASA! Everyone, for example -could point where the closest planet that could sustain life is in relation to where they are. In addition, they will be able to track the evolution of discoveries in history from Galileo, Copernicus and others.

You could also check out where the International Space Station is and wave to them as they fly by.

This would be a simple, straight-forward and easy to use app for everyone. It will not need fancy graphics and complicated input from the user. This is a huge advantage because the experience will be smooth and responsive on early versions of the Microsoft HoloLens. Development can focus on an excellent user experience.

This app will inspire a whole new generation of people into astronomy and space to become more engaged. This would only be a good thing!

Christopher Petrie

Twitter: @Chrispetrie6

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