The Best Educational Apps for the Samsung Gear VR

Education | February 23, 2017

Kids these days are growing up in an all-digital world. While most adults either grew up with the internet coming around later on in life, others, like millennials, grew up with “the best” of both worlds. Millennials were around that first inception of the internet, phones and smartphones. However, unlike this new generation they didn’t have iPads when they were five.

The Samsung Gear VR is a great headset for VR educational apps or games

Because students today are around phones, tablets and iPads so consistently it’s only natural that they would want to use them at a young age. However, just like video games, too much exposure to digital devices could derail their educational growth. This is why VR educational apps are so important if you have a young child who likes to play on your Samsung Gear VR. But educational apps aren’t just for young kids, they benefit students of all ages by breaking down what you need to learn in a fun and immersive way.

The Gear VR is a great and affordable VR headset that brings VR education to a whole new level. Which is why we want to share with you the best educational apps available on the Samsung Gear VR.


As the largest library of VR educational experiences, Unimersiv is a must have of VR education lovers. Is history or Science not your child’s niche? With Unimersiv it will be, along with space and the human anatomy. The great thing about Unimersiv is they take the “boring” out of learning. History or Science can finally come to life and become more interactive, immersive and fun. Having a good time while learning something new is great way to retain more information. New educational experiences are uploaded every month on Unimersiv. From exploring the Titanic, to learning about anatomy, learning with Unimersiv will change the way you and your child experience education.

By using Unimersiv you will be able to explore Ancient Rome or the Acropolis of Athens as they were thousands years ago.

vr educational apps and games Samsung Gear VR

Explore the Acropolis of Athens in VR with Unimersiv

The Body VR

This virtual reality experience takes you inside the human body. It’s a great, interactive way to learn more about blood cells and how they work, look at the bloodstreams in the body, and can even help medical students through simulations. Medical students, radiologists, surgeons can all benefit from the various partnerships with universities The Body VR has made in order to encompass the human body and all of its vessels and cells.


Travel inside the Human Body with the Body VR

Woofbert VR

Discover the world’s best art collections with Woofbert VR. With Woofbert’s Boulevard app you are able to virtually explore and immerse yourself in easily navigable galleries. From the Rubin Museum of Art to the de Young Museum, get an up close view on some of the most popular and ground breaking art straight from your Gear VR.


Titans of Space

Want to learn more about space? Titans of Space takes you on a miniature tour of our solar systems in order for you to get an up close look at it. While the tour is as authentic as possible, the actual sizes are scaled down by “1 millionth of their actual size.”. Titans of Space is one of the oldest VR educational experiences ever created and we highly recommend you to try it.

Star Chart

This is a real-time space simulation that takes you on a tour of the solar system. You can explore a 3D solar system, all 88 constellations, the most visible stars we are able to see from earth, and every moon in our solar system. It is the ultimate astronomical VR experience and allows for tons of exploration.

best educational games gear vr

Discovery VR

This is one of the more varied VR apps on the market today. With Discovery VR you are able to discover different areas around the globe like a Gondola Ride in Venice and deep dive into shark infested shipwrecks. The sky’s pretty much the limit. There are so many things to see and do with Discovery VR. If you feel like viewing Mount Everest from the top you can. Want to explore a moonshine distillery? How about get up close and personal with some wild grizzlies? With Discovery VR you can discover all that and more.

Mondly VR Teacher

Are you finally ready to learn a new language? With this VR app you can. Become fully immersed in a new language, get feedback on your pronunciations, and get suggestions on how to expand your vocabulary in that new language. It makes learning a language less of a hassle and more of a fun experience. Mondly also has an AI chatbot that creates a conversational experience for learners in order to expand their knowledge and make it easier for that language to catch on. The best part? There are 28 different languages to learn and explore with Mondly.

The Samsung Gear VR has made it so much easier to expand your knowledge and discover new languages and places amongst other things. These and other educational apps on the market have created new ways of learning that are fun and help students and users retain the information they are exploring. Plus, VR is just fun in itself so why wouldn’t you want to use it for educational purpose? Have you tried any of these apps on your Gear VR? If so, what are you favorites?

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