Explore the world in Virtual Reality with Flickr VR app

Gear VR | April 11, 2016

The famous photo hosting website recently released their VR app that will let you explore a curated selection of 360° pictures from Flickr through your VR headset.

The VR app is available for the Gear VR and can be downloaded through the Oculus Store.

From an educational standpoint, we can only imagine how incredible it would be for students to learn geography using experiences like this.


Flickr VR app lets you watch 360° pictures in Virtual Reality

The photos appear in a three by five grid in front of your face, you can browse through this selection by swiping on the Gear VR’s trackpad. The app loads 36 photos at a time, but you can access more by swiping forward on at the end of the grid. Once you select a photo you can swipe forwards or backwards to browse to the next picture.


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