Introducing Egyptian Mysteries for the GearVR

Gear VR | September 11, 2015

Hello everyone!

We are excited to introduce the last educational experience we’ve been working on, Egyptian Mysteries.

But first, let me share a few words about Unimersiv. Other the past months, we’ve seen thousands of people signing up on Unimersiv to get access to some of the best educational experiences out there. We believe that the best way to incentivize developers to work on more and more educational content is to give them a platform that can allow them to showcase their work to thousands of people interested in VR educational experiences. And this is what we are doing with Unimersiv.

As the market is getting ready for the consumer version of the GearVR and the Rift, we are convinced that it is indispensable for our company to build VR educational experiences ourselves, that’s what we did with Colosseum VR and VR Dinos. A few weeks ago, we decided that it was time for us to focus on the GearVR. And that’s how we started working on Egyptian Mysteries.

With this new edutainment game, built with the GearVR in mind, we want people not only to learn about the ancient Egypt but also to have fun playing the game.


An Educational Game for the GearVR



Egyptian Mysteries is an investigation game in which you have to find out what happened to the hero’s brother that just disappeared. The quest will take you to the great Sphinx, inside the pyramid of Giza and even to Ramses II. Exploring the ancient Egypt in VR, even with low poly design, is an incredible experience. Here are some screenshots of the game:

Egyptian Mysteries - Educational game GearVR
Egyptian Mysteries - Educational game GearVR
Egyptian Mysteries - Educational game GearVR

Egyptian Mysteries is not only about the quest, it is also full of mini games that you can play using the GearVR touchpad. Here is a video of the “Archery” mini game:







Egyptian Mysteries will also be available for the Rift. Sign up here or follow us on Twitter if you want to get noticed when the game is available to download!



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