Introducing Unimersiv’s Community

Unimersiv | November 12, 2015

Hello everyone,

This week, we launched Unimersiv's "Community" and I wanted to share more details about what it can do for you.

The community is a place where everyone involved or interested in VR Education can share their thoughts, new app or blog article. We are convinced that the power of VR for educational experiences is limitless and we want to create a community in which people can brainstorm or inspire us to push the boundaries of the use of VR in Education.

Everyone can comment on existing posts but if you want to be a contributor (being able to publish new posts) send me an email and I will activate this privilege.

Why would I publish a post with this community?

1. With more than 4,000 users, Unimersiv's "Community" is the best place to share your ideas about the use of VR in Education.

2. Our best posts gets more than 1,000 views, it makes our "Community" an incredible tool to get people interested in your new app idea or prototype. Our audience love new project.

3. Finally, the "Community" can be a smart way to get reel feedback about your last blog post or VR experience.

Don't hesitate to email me at if you want to be a "Community" contributor!

Feel free to browse and share existing posts and let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions to improve this project!

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