Learn a new language in Virtual Reality with the Unimersiv app

Unimersiv | October 20, 2016

We just released our first social experience in the Unimersiv app that will let you meet people from all over the world to learn a new language in VR (it’s free). We named this new experience the “Language Room”, here is how it works (we made it super simple).

Download the Unimersiv app on the Oculus Store (for free) and start learning in VR.

Every users connected will be identified with a flag of it’s home country and you will be able to talk with them to learn about their culture and hopefully their language! You are also going to be able to play some simple games together.

Here are a few screenshots of the Language Room:




This experience is available only on the Gear VR for now, it should also be available on the Rift very soon.

We are working on integrating the ability to create private rooms to let users organize more intensive section with some great instructors.

To use this new experience, simply update or install the Unimersiv app from the Oculus Store (on the Gear VR).

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