Space Shuttle Tour Cardboard

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Space Shuttle Tour for Cardboard allows you to explore more than 50 amazing 360 degree photos of the NASA Space Shuttle, now in virtual reality.

This VR tour allows you to go up-close with the most technologically advanced machine ever engineered by man. Important – This app requires a powerful modern smartphone, in addition to a Cardboard viewer.

– View over 50 panoramic photos of the Space Shuttle in virtual reality
– Grouped in six different sections
– Look around to see the scene in every direction
– Gives you a unique sense of scale

These spectacular 360 degree photos are grouped in six different sets, depicting different Shuttle sections and different angles of view.

 Shuttle Belly
– Shuttle Payload
– Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)
– Forward-view
– Crew Cabin
– Aft-view

The photos were released by NASA in 2011, and are taken at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

App Development
– Lynx VR

Menu Music
– Imaginary Band

Panoramic Images
– Source: NASA

– This app is not endorsed by NASA.

The usage of still images is fully compliant with official NASA media usage guidelines.

– Are you having problems? A modern smartphone will give you the best results, both in framerate and headtracking latency. Shutting down background tasks could help with performance.

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About the Space Shuttle
– The world’s first re-usable space craft. Conceived in the early 1970’s as the successor to the Apollo Moon missions, the Shuttle is a delivery system, designed to transport payloads such as the Hubble Telescope, and most of the International Space Station, into orbit, and return for its next cargo. The delivery van is the Orbiter
– what most people call the Shuttle
– which is mated with a huge external fuel tank and rocket boosters which are all jettisoned. Surviving the huge destructive forces of travelling to space and returning in usable form called for ingenious engineering compromises. The Shuttle is a rocket for the first part of its life, then morphs into a plane for the return journey.

Works with Google Cardboard
– To fully enjoy this app you’ll need a Cardboard viewer. Learn more and get your own Cardboard viewer at A network connection is also required.

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We write about the use of Virtual Reality for non-gaming applications.