The Best VR Educational Experiences for the Oculus Rift

Education | April 11, 2016

Great VR educational apps for the Oculus Rift

VR Education has a bright future, it has been proved that some material is easier to learn when it is visualized and when the learner can interact with it. Virtual Reality provides ways to use 3D visualizations with which the user can interact. For some learning situations and topics, VR may be of great value because the physical counterpart may not be available, too dangerous or too expensive.

At Unimersiv, we believe that VR will revolutionize education has we know it and the good news is that it already started! A large number of developers has already started working on VR educational experiences and we wanted to share the experiences our team loved the most.

Here are the best VR educational experiences available for the Oculus Rift:

  • Titans of space:
    Titans of space from Drash VR takes you literally into Space surrounded by all the planets of our solar system. If you can’t remember the orders of the planets, use it once and you will remember forever.
  • Dinosaurs:
    Dinosaurs can help you remember the names of the most famous dinosaurs and realize how big they were compared to each over.
  • Apollo 11:Apollo 11 (we backed them on Kickstarter!) is for now the best example to show that learning history through virtual reality will be the most amazing thing ever. In this experience, you become Neil Armstrong on what is the 20th century greatest achievement.

As a bonus, here are two “coming soon” experiences we can’t wait to try:

  • Rome reborn:
    Rome Reborn is an experience developed by the team of Prof. Bernard Frisher. He wants to make you walk in the street of the ancient Rome through virtual reality to discover the greatest days of the Roman Empire.
  • Inside The Human Body:
    With Inside The Human Body we are going to be able to travel inside the human body to get a new perspective of the systems that keep us alive! Using augmented information the user will learn new things in a new and exciting way. This application will pave the way for a broad range of educational VR experiences.

You know any other VR educational experiences that we should add on our list? Send us an email right now!

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