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Virtual learning could open up a new window of opportunity for education. Difficult and mundane content can finally be presented in a new and exciting way.

Virtual Reality will change the way we learn forever

In recent years, the development of information technology has progressed in leaps and bounds. The advancement of programming techniques, rapid productivity growth of semiconductor chips, the development of special means of information transmission, as well as feedback devices (head-mounted stereoscopic displays, gloves and suits that have embedded sensors that transmit information to a computer about a user's movements) – the culmination of these advancements have yielded a momentous technology in the shape of virtual reality.

No longer are user experiences confined to the realm of an observer; they have taken a turn for the lucid as he/she is transported into a completely different world where interaction with programmed objects are possible just like in reality. The ramifications of such a technology are endless. It can change the way we learn about our world and even the way we live in it.

Get prepare to see more and more virtual reality in Education.

The Advantages

Virtual Reality as a learning tool shows some great benefits, here are some of them.

01 Virtual Reality - Better memories

Better memories

According to the cone of learning from Edgar Dale, after two weeks, the human brain tends to remember 10% of what it reads, 20% of what it hear but 90% of what it does or simulate.

Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality in Education 02

Faster learning

As we say, a picture is worth a thousand words, well we believe that a 15 minutes virtual reality experience worth a 1H30 documentary.

Virtual Reality in Education - Immersion in History 03

Immersion in History

We now have the ability to take back people in 1942 to relive some of the worst period of humanity or in 1969 to become Neil Armstrong on what is the 20th century's most enduring achievement.


There are already some great educational experiences available for download on Unimersiv.

We built Unimersiv to help VR developers working on educational content find an audience. Unimersiv is a platform dedicated to virtual reality educational content that aims to help developers get their experience noticed and earn money through those. Educational experiences on Unimersiv can be free or paid according to the choice of the developers. Here are some experiences that represent perfectly how VR can be use as an educational platform. We want to push the integration of Virtual Reality in Education forward.

Virtual Reality in Education - icon 1

Apollo 11

Become Neil Armstrong on what is the 20th century's most enduring achievement.

Virtual Reality in Education - icon 2

Titans of Space

An inspiring short guided tour of a few planets and stars.

Virtual Reality in Education - icon 3


An opportunity to time travel 100 million years in the past and walk in a valley with dinosaurs.

Virtual Reality in Education - icon 4

Meso VR

Meso VR is a virtual tour of the world of the Ancient Maya of Mesoamerica.

Virtual Reality in Education - icon 5

Colosseum VR

Explore the Roman Colosseum as it was 2000 years ago.


A few VR devices

Oculus Rift
Samsung Gear VR
Vive from Valve
Sony Morpheus

Virtual reality in Education helps shorten the learning time

As research has shown, students remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and up to 90% of what they do or simulate. Virtual reality yields the latter scenario impeccably; students can interact with the virtual environment in person and manipulate the various objects within it. This supports "learning by doing" and also results in creativity by constructionism.

One of the best benefits of using virtual reality as an educational medium is the immersive experience it brings to the table. Bland and vague subjects like history and space, along with experiment-oriented subjects like physics, chemistry and biology will be greatly impacted by virtual reality. This will be so because the students will be exposed to sensorial stimuli; may it be testing the concepts first hand or reliving the events that lead to them. You can see that virtual reality will lead to fun learning and better retention using these methods.

"Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand."


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