The Oculus Rift takes sick kids beyond the hospital

Oculus Rift | September 12, 2015

UploadVR has recently published an interesting article about what VR could mean for hospitalized children.

The article start with a video of a kid from Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital trying an Oculus Rift. While the choice of experience is somewhat questionable (VR roller coasters tend to be among the more uncomfortable VR experiences), the article ask a really interesting question:

“With immune systems incredibly susceptible, exposure to friends can become a danger some families can’t afford to risk. As a result, hospital rooms can become a lonely place for days, weeks, months or even years of a child’s life.”. By using virtual reality, kids in hospital would be able to socialize with friends or explore new places while they are in their rooms. Something that was impossible before.

Share your thoughts about how virtual reality could be used in hospitals in the comments!

Here is the video:

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