The Best Gear VR Apps and Games in 2017 (Free and Paid)

Gear VR | January 17, 2017

Apps are ruling the world today. And with VR becoming the latest and hottest trend among tech innovators, VR apps are only going to become more and more popular every day. Considering the fact that VR devices are still at its early stage, it is amazing to see the number of games, apps and VR experiences already in existence. They are designed to fit into different VR gears like the PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

Download the Unimersiv app on the Oculus Store (for free) and start learning in VR.

In this article, We are going to talk about the best and the most popular apps available for Samsung Gear VR, the less-expensive VR headset and one that is the best for Samsung smartphone owners. The Samsung Gear VR has a huge list of VR apps including games, utility apps and some exciting 360-degree VR videos.

Here, we have listed the best combination of Samsung Gear VR apps for you.

What are the best Gear VR apps of 2017?


Of course, we had to start this 2017 list for the Gear VR with the Unimersiv app, the largest platform for VR educational experiences. We publish new content every month so there will be a lot of new content to expect in 2017. We are starting with the Rome VR experience that was released in January.

Best Gear VR app 2017 - Unimersiv

Explore Ancient Rome in VR with the Unimersiv app – Best Gear VR app 2017


VISO Places (or Streetview VR)  

Surely, this is a must-have app for your new Samsung Gear VR in 2017. VISO Places (known before as Streetview VR) is a wonderful choice if you are looking for an app to satisfy that travel freak in you. It is surprisingly easy to use and navigate using controls to choose different tourist attractions and the most brilliant spots around the world. One of the best features of these apps is that they can give you the excitement of a real world wonder even though they are just images and videos.

This app is not created by Google but don’t let that disappoint you; there are more than 3000 locations for you to choose from. You can even bookmark different places and interact with groups using an audio chat feature.

Samsung Internet

Users in the past have complained that the Samsung VR headset feels crippled without an interactive browser. Samsung had pledged to resolve this and now it has a solution – Samsung Internet.

You can now browse through different sites using voice commands or by selecting from a preset favorite list. Using Gaze mode can help you navigate between different stuff easily. The beta version also has an onscreen keyboard for a more comprehensive experience.

Also, with WebVR becoming more and more available, we should expect of lot of new and interesting content to discover to Samsung Internet in 2017.

Netflix VR

Oh, Really? Netflix in VR?” you may be wondering. “Yes, Netflix is slowly but surely making its way into the VR world. But there have been some questions about Netflix’s intention to enter into virtual reality even though it is still in its early stages. Its arrival might make sense only if you are bored with your surroundings and experiences and want something else instead. With so many exciting experiences, apps and games coming your way, it is unlikely that a VR user might get bored or is done with all of them.

However, Netflix VR is around and you can watch it on your Samsung Gear VR. They are not going to offer you the 360-degree experience but you can certainly stream the best TV shows and movies of 2017 on your VR TV while you are on a luxury virtual loft.


Best Gear VR Apps of 2017 – Netflix


This is one of our favorite app of 2017. If you want to be present at your favorite news events, stage shows or sports events? The NextVR app can help you do just that, in the virtual world. The app can livestream everything for you into your VR headset in 180 degrees. It has been tested on NASCAR and the US Open and the experience is said to be exciting. During October 2016, the app was used to livestream the debate that happened for the US Presidential Election, in partnership with CNN. The app will be used in many more live and exciting sports and events in future.

Best Gear VR apps of 2017 - NextVR

Best Gear VR apps of 2017 – NextVR

The best Gear VR games of 2017 (don’t miss them)!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So here are some exciting games you can try on your new Samsung VR headset.

Smash Hit VR

Smash Hit VR has been created a few months ago but it’s still one of the best game to play in 2017! This game was Smash Hit VR is derived from an already popular mobile game, but with the VR headset, the experience is even better. Immerse yourself into this destructive experience as you are put into different rooms with mind-blowing geometrical illusions. To play this arcade game, you need to be really quick and careful with your aims. The game is quite relaxing with its easy and difficult environments coming to you alternatively. But playing the game on VR – tapping and gazing – is simpler than the mobile version.

Best Gear VR Game 2017 - Smash Hit 2017

Best Gear VR Game 2017 – Smash Hit 2017


Another arcade-styled strategic game with stern voice instructions and neon visuals, Darknet lets you emit viruses via a cluster of nodes. You will be collecting bitcoins in the process, making a skillfully constructed mayhem. The game is like a puzzle and keeps you on your toes all the time.

Unlike other graphic-rich games, Darknet is more of a 2D game and is one of the few games that remind us of the typically well-designed smartphone games, which doesn’t just bet on graphics.

If you’ve just bought your new Samsung VR headset, the above recommended apps and games are great for a start. After you are done with these, there are a myriad of other exciting apps and games for you.

Drop Dead

Drop Dead was one of the best game of the end of 2016 and we can bet that it will still be one of the best game of 2017. The story is simple, you’re the last agent able to stop Dr. Monday and save the world! Slay zombie hordes using a high-tech visor, insane gadgets and an arsenal of Z-shredding weapons.

Score big as the zombies and thrills come thick and fast, with a combo system that rewards accuracy and destruction!

We hope that you liked our list of the best Gear VR games and apps to play in 2017. Keep in mind that some of them are free while others are paid. We will update this list during the year to make sure it stays up to date!

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