Educational experiences for the Google Cardboard

As one of the cheapest VR headset available on the platform the Google Cardboard is perfect for VR educational experiences. Multiple schools are already using this headset in their classroom through the Google Expeditions program.

The Google Cardboard is an affordable headset that will give you access to incredible virtual reality educational experiences. Here is a list of the VR educational experiences that you can try right now on your Cardboard.

Toti SubmarineVR Experience


A unique virtual reality experience on board the Enrico Toti submarine.

Agent Cayley – the iOS Google Cardboard app that teaches algebra


Agent Cayley is a virtual reality iOS game that will deliver and assess the entire Algebra 1 curriculum through exciting game play.

Tokyo VR


Visit the great city of Tokyo in virtual reality with your Google Cardboard.

Pocket Dolphins


Swim with a pair of friendly dolphins with your Google Cardboard

Magi Chapel VR


Take a virtual tour to the historical jewel of Florence, the Magi Chapel.

Random 42


Take a visually stunning and scientifically accurate 3D ride inside the human body

Our Solar System VR


Fly between planets, look at their surfaces and learn more about them in VR

Toumanian Museum VR


Explore the Toumanian Museum in Virtual Reality

3D White House Gallery VR


A unique VR Museum about the US presidents

Chemistry VR


Find the required chemical elements to unlock doors in the room.

Ascape Virtual Travel & Tours


The National Geographic of Virtual Reality

InMind VR


An educational VR adventure designed for the Google Cardboard