Educational experiences/apps for the Oculus Rift

As one of the best VR headset available on the market, we believe that the Oculus Rift should not only be used for gaming but also for educational experience.

We created a list of the best educational experiences for the Oculus Rift. Whether you want to explore the planets of our solar system or travel back in history, you are in the right place!

Stonehenge VR


Experience and learn about Stonehenge through a magical virtual reality guided tour.

Arnswalde VR


A beautiful reconstruction of Arnswalde, a Polish town that was on the front line during World War II

Airborne VR 1944


Move to the south coast of England an early morning June 6th, 1944 in Virtual Reality

Go For Launch: Mercury


Re-live the early days of space flight in this exciting, educational and fully interactive simulator.

Deep Space VR


Explore the solar system as a passenger on a spaceship

InCell VR


A VR exploration game about the cells microworld

The Apollo 11 VR Experience (Demo)


Experience Apollo 11’s mission to the moon like never before.

Colosseum VR


Visit the Roman Colosseum as it was in its brightest days through virtual reality…

Ocean Rift


Ocean Rift is a Virtual Reality experience that immerses you in a vivid underwater world.

Mona Lisa Room


Get a private access to one of the most famous painting in history…

Martello Tower


A virtual tour of a Martello Tower

VR Dinos


Walk beside your favourites dinosaurs and learn some precious information about them in virtual reality.